Holy tits…I made it. 

I stood by and watched someone else go through a grueling three years of law-school. My husband.  

Law school actually sounded appealing at one point in my life, for like, maybe two days.  And only because I love to argue and yes I love to be right.  Are you shitting me, who doesn’t? 

But uhh, I’m glad it was my husband pulling those all-nighters reading thousands and hundreds of boring pages with words I pretend to know. 

Standing by and watching was tough too though. I mean seriously, I think my ears might bleed if I have to hear one more story about law review, mood court, or exams–cases– professors–grammar–citing–bar preparation–and even constitutional jokes–What?!  Yeah…

Looking back, when my husband and I first started dating, he told me he went as the second ammendment for Halloween one year… that should have been my red flag for over achieving smartass.  Especially when he told me, he sewed bear arms to his shirt. But, inside I was thinking, “shit why didn’t I think of that?”  Precisely why he went to law school, not me. 

Anyway, yeah so, I’ve listen to all things law the last three years of my life. Morning-day-and-night.  And holy tits I made it. 

~ g