Okay seriously, don’t ever buy a big barrel curling iron, because if your name is Georgia–that shit won’t work.  And you’ll end up making faces like this one:

Pissed off.

Pissed off.

Here I am clearly pissed off, with my brand-new fifty-dollar big-ass-barrel curling iron.  And I’m pissed because, this is what I get:


This is not a fucking curl.  I would say it might be a curve. MIGHT be. And Some of you might be wondering– “does this chick even know how to curl her hair?”  The answer is–yes I do.  Yes, I held the curling iron in the right amount of time.  Yes, I even rolled it up the right way.

And yes, I even tried taking a smaller strand.  See:


But nope. Nothing. No curl.  And yes, I even watched a youtube video to make sure I wasn’t a dumbass! And hey, guess what?  Not a dumbass.  I started getting borderline depressed, so I went back to my shitty smaller barrel curling iron.


And this is what my smaller shitty curling iron gave me:


Better, but still not a curl.  At least, not the curl I’m going for anyways.

Now there is only one more option. One more solution. One last hope for a decent hair duo. But it’s time-consuming, old-school, and tedious.

I got out my reserves.

My hair curlers.



And as I slowly started taking them out…


What the fuck is that?




I look like a fucking idiot.


Worst hair day. Ever.


Actual tears.

Sooo– I obviously had to brush that shit out.  2 curling irons, 1 set of hair curlers, and 2 hours later…

This was my hair duo for the night.



Oh and one last side note.

I put my hair in a bun when I went to bed and woke up the next morning to this: