My G spot

If you’ve found my blog by accident you’re most likely disappointed, but Welcome anyways.  If not, Hey there.  My name is Georgia.  And this is my spot.  I’m a starving-hippie-wannabe, lawyer’s wife, and mother to two girls living in the suburbs of Ohio.  Yes, that was a mouthful and you may be bursting with excitement, but stay calm.  It’s only the beginning.

I figured with my first post I would ease you in to my spot.  So, first, let’s clear the air.  The Spot of G is about me, my life, and my thoughts.  When I refer to “My G spot,” or “The G spot,” I’m referring to something being pure genius, a golden nugget, or holy-amaze-balls delicious.  Not that fun spot located inside my vagina.   And, No, I’m not going to refer to a Vagina as a “wee-wee,” or a “woo-woo.”

Most likely you’re bored scrolling through your phone or at work watching the clock, and that’s why you’re reading this.  It’s rough out there. I get it–you need to stay sane.  So, I promise to you give you all of me and my spottiness. That is, the truth without my pretty filter and with my rich outhouse vocabulary.  Those of you that know me–like this part of me best anyways.

Okay, my infant just shit herself and my toddler is naked. I gotta go.


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